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Re: I just dont think it's appropriate to do that
From Darryl on 12 October '98
adding to I just dont think it's appropriate to do that posted by Tim Stockton

i think my customers would question my ethics in what i am selling,

How would someone question your ethics by having a couple Yahoo tolls on your page???

If you haven't got on need to think of alternatives.

I put one one my friends web page(it's still there). The Yahoo SE on his page has his #1 keyword all ready typed in the search box before you hit the submit button. Did you check out the link I gave you, It had a tool to automatically check out stocks. I think you can make a preset button to check out a particuliar stock.

Now knowing this you could make one button check the current staus of Disney stock. I went there and did one for you is the code ..cut n paste it in your page.

This will give the current status of Disney stock (Dis)
Good Luck
Here's the link again

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