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Interesting point to note about Yahoo
From The Webster on 12 October '98
For about the past 4-5 months I was trying to get a listing in Yahoo for a client’s web site that we had developed. I submitted the URL about 3 times over a period of 4 months to try and get the site listed. Eventually I tried a new tactic, I created a separate page, like a kind of doorway page but added about 300 words of text and a few links to the home page and submitted this site.

About one month later I received an email from Yahoo stating that the home page (the first page I tried submitting!) had been added to the index. Brilliant! Traffic to my client’s site doubled. All the effort was worth it.

Then a just literally a few days ago I received another email from Yahoo, the email was even from the same girl. This email stated that me secondary page that I had created had also been added to Yahoo. So, my client now has two pages in the Yahoo directory, the home page and a doorway page.

Is this common? Also I am trying to get our companies site listed. Is it worthwhile me replying to the email I had from Yahoo asking them to check out our site, or is this not recommended, any advice?

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