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Re: submit and keywords and body
From Darryl on 12 October '98
adding to submit and keywords and body posted by William

>why do we learn about keyworks, body and title when some search engines don't even ask for them? Respectfully, William

Note to remember about Excite ...Excite does not read Meta tags, they read the top of your page. So for summiting to Excite you need to make sure You describe you site creativly with keywords place strategicaly. You Don't wnat to over do it(SPAM).

William meta tags are important for the other search engines, as they will read only meta tags. So when you put your pages on server make sure the meta tags are done, because a SE robot can come anytime. Some some esle on your server might have submitted to a few SE and then when they come they will read all pages.

So read this whole site and do what they recommend and you will start to get the hang of it. Try Jim's Tag Master it is only 20 bucks. It makkes it easy to put new meta tags into your pages and/or add new ones. It is definitely a must if you have many pages. I put mind in last. Makes it easier when you plan your SE strategy.

P.S Yahoo does not use Robots, they use real people. They are looking for what they think are useful sites. So content is very,very important to them.

Hope That Helps

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