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Re: one time promotion ?
From Deb at FutureQuest on 12 October '98
adding to Re: one time promotion ? posted by Max

>>max, how much would it cost for you to set our company up for a one time promotion? how much would you charge to teach us how to do our own monitoring and our own re-submission?

Just wanted to add that much info is already given on this site for how to do it yourself... Taking a bit of time to read the site will save you many headaches..and cost you nothing but your time.

As far as hiring Max, I've had some experience with his ideas and the consulting he does.... ITS WORTH IT!!! At first glance it's easy to assume "hmm 200 bucks for a couple emails? that seems high" but after seeing his emails it's a drop in the bucket!

Max has a super way of getting his ideas accross and they are great! Within a few emails my entire outlook of what I was going to do with my site, how I was going to do it, who I was going to contact to get it done, and how it was all going to fit together to help my sales changed for the better!

I've still much to do in order to accomplish the wide range of ideas and tactics Max sent way but I'm proud to say that within three days of his emails I began on a few 'quickies' that I could accomplish in a day and since that point have already seen a dramatic change in my sites logs AND the contacts we've received via hits to the site!

Since the emails from Max I've gone from "joe blow" hitting my site by accident from the search engines to "true blue potential clients" surfing my site because they found what they were looking for!

Max gets a 200% plus vote from this end.

And that's all I gots to say about that!


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