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Re: Are all those meta tags really necessary
From mark Horne on 12 October '98
adding to Re: Top site duplication posted by INACHU

Are all of these tags actually essential or is INACHU just having a little too much fun with them?

>OK! I checked out the page

>MAN! your use of tags!!! BLAH!!!!!!!!!

>Go to my homepage now! at

>You need minimum of 5 or 7 meta tags on your site!

>My first meta tag is so It can be viewed at work.
>Some companies are banning certain sites that are not
>business friendly the first tag tell that you do not use
>any pornographic material and is safe to be viewed in the
>work place

>Second tag implies the TITLE of the homepage

>See now you have in the title the name then again in the meta tag!
>in twice so its more likely to show up more!

>third tag tells that its a document

>4th tells how many times to re visit your homepage

>5th tells that its a personal homepage....

>6th and 7th are the key words and description

>8th tells robots to index your whole site!

>9th tells that this webpage can be viewed from any part of the internet

>10th is the will have to look for what rating yours is

>the rest is just copyright and who to contact stuff

>go see my meta tags at

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