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Re: O.K. point to other urls?
From Joe Hubbard on 12 October '98
adding to Re: O.K. point to other urls? posted by Deb

What is meant by "screw up" with exite, aolnetfind?
Does this mean that you can only submit to them once?
What if you changed the path as in

Would they reaccept it then?

>>I sure dont want to screw up with excite aolnetfind by submitting a mirror site, help again please.

>>Thanks, Tim

>Just because I do have an idea of what you are planning on doing with this domain my best suggestion would be to hold off on promoting it at all just yet... soon the domain will have content on it that may help your listings a BUNCH....

>As has been stated here many times... Once you 'screw up' you may never be able to fix it... so patience could be the key on this one.

>Hold off until it can be done 'just right' and then come in with a BOOM!


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