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Re: Requesting a Review of my Site!! (please)
From Bradley on 13 October '98
adding to Re: Requesting a Review of my Site!! (please) posted by Laurel

Maybe instead of using more graphics, I will use some better colors...Instead of the grey bard down the middle, I will change that color to a dark yellow...That should give it better color and make it more appealing to the eye.

Thanks goes to this board for helping me with the design. I do have a couple of lingering questions. My meta tags aren't all that great for the page. In conversation with Max, I have been told that if I used meta keywords of: fund, fund raising, fund-raisng, fundraising, fundraiser, fund raiser, I would not get penalized for the overuse of the word "fund".

My second question, which I post a few days ago revolves around links. In linking to other pages of your site, you can just begin your a href= with the folder and then say the page.... For example... fundraiser/index.htm.... I was wondering if it would be beneificial if I were to go ahead and type in the FULL link address:

Is that a good idea? I was thinking that the search engines would pick up on the words "fundraising" and "ideas" for each link.

Your comments are greatly appreciated.


>I don't think you need any more graphics, personally. The site looks good, loads quickly, and the subject matter doesn't really lend itself to graphic images. I think graphics tend to be used too much already. If you don't need them to get your point across, don't use them! Your page looks very clean, not cluttered at all. Good job!

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