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Re: keyword placement
From Max on 13 October '98
adding to keyword placement posted by William

>could someone explain what keyword placement on my site means?
>I think I understand keywords, but what does "keyword placement" mean? do I have to have keywords in certain places on the site? and where? thanks to all !

A computer program can tell very little about the meaning of the text - but it can easily tell where it is in the file. Words toward the beginning of the file are given more importance than words towarsds the end of the file. Words inside IMPORTANT structures are given more weight than words inside regular (P) markers.

This gives you some construction guidelines:
1. Make sure the first part of the file is not loaded with script, layout codes, and link info.
2. Make sure you use proper HTML tags and not FONT to create page titles and section headings.

3. Here's the usual importance rank

TITLE (the window title for the browser) in the head area
and on the visible part
H4... H6 (these carry very little weight)

Table Headers, Figure Captions

And FONT applied to a plain paragraph does NOT make it any more important than any other paragraph.

Headings closer to the beginning outrank those after them.
A paragraph right after H1 beats a paragraph after lower ranking heading.

So you put this all together and you need to make sure that your critical keywords appear in the TITLE and that your page has a strong structure with a H1 containing the critical keywords and a descriptive paragrpah right after it that holds all the keywords in a nice introduction. then you can use distinct keywords ad H2 with a brief blurb about each keyword.

Can this method of "biasing" the search engines by making sure the keywords appear in the right places be penalized? It would be hard. It's called creating clearly written content with valid HTML structure. Just make sure you don't get so carried away with using keywords that you make it hard for the visitor to read.

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