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Re: Checknique signature?
From Deb at FutureQuest on 13 October '98
adding to Re: Checknique signature? posted by Darryl

>You Can make the same arguement with credit cards....couldn't you?

You sure could... which is what scares me about new sites going online like "" ANYONE can go over there and set up an online store and use their secure order forms... "joe blow" visits the store and inputs his CC info ... from there the info is emailed to the 'store owner' ... What's stopping anyone/everyone from setting up fake services? They don't have to pay a dime to accomplish this!

This bad situation can happen anywhere at anytime.. it's sad but true and has been true even before the net was a big deal... but now with it even ezier to accomplish ...sigh... It's all I can do to just simply beg people to use an ounce of common sense before tossing their real info all over the net... It's not THAT hard to seek out prior clients... ask for a biz license... actually call the company.. etc etc etc

Additionally and luckily like Max said... if you notice a bogus purchase with your accounts... report it! You are NOT required to pay anything over $50 on a 'bad purchase' (at least in the US)


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