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Promoting AOL
From Ken on 14 October '98
Hey you guys,
Hope you all are well.

For my entire time on the net I have avoided aol.
(as a service provider)
Like you all I'm sure, I have listened to friends
complain about getting kicked off, slow e-mail etc.
Although the situation is, from what I have seen
much better now, than it was in the past.
Now that I am in a position where I have a web site
to promote, I look at the aol community as an
opportunity. My perception of an "online service"
has been that it is in their interest to keep the
netizen corraled in their corner of the internet.
This means a more "captive" audience, which translates
into dollars for advertising, and partnerships etc.
While I am reasonably well versed about the highways
and byways of the net in general, I wonder what differences
there are between promotional opportunities with an
online service like aol, compuserve etc, and the internet
in general.
While experiencing some problems with my ISP over the
week-end, with work I needed to do online, I poped in
a trial aol cd and signed up. Like the princess kissing
the frog I slogged through all of the superfluous "stuff"
involved. I realize that if I had to find out by just
messing with it, it might take quite a bit of time to
discover the key to maximizing aol as a promotional
So, I guess this is the question.
What is the best way to promote to aol users?
I read the recent thread about aol but didn't see, or
missed the point about this.

As always,

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