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Re: Requesting a Review of my Site!! (please)
From carl ballew on 14 October '98
adding to Re: Requesting a Review of my Site!! (please) posted by Max

>>My second question, which I post a few days ago revolves around links. In linking to other pages of your site, you can just begin your a href= with the folder and then say the page.... For example... fundraiser/index.htm.... I was wondering if it would be beneificial if I were to go ahead and type in the FULL link address:

>No effect. However, they words used as link text DO reflect a bit in the ratings (the ranking of "click here" would be astronomical)

>The reason NOT to do it is that it makes your links harder to maintain - you can't test until you have it uploaded. Using just the directory names lets you test on your hard drive and upload with the certainty that the links will work.

>The site is majorly improved, much cleaner and eye-friendly: but you are too heavy on the keywords in the text. It reads awkwardly, and sounds amateurish, because you are trying to stuff "fundraising" in there too often. Work on that to get it more natural sounding.

I looked again after your comments...and I agree, for what that's worth.

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