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Re: Promoting AOL
From Deb at FutureQuest on 14 October '98
adding to Promoting AOL posted by Ken

>What is the best way to promote to aol users?
>I read the recent thread about aol but didn't see, or
>missed the point about this.

For me it has been by simply 'talking' via forums really...

I search for any and every area I can possibly find that would have ANYTHING to do with what I'm 'peddling'... I read a bunch of messages to get a feel for the forum itself and those that participate often in it... I offer advice where I can and just act like your average every day newbie to aol... or where needed act like an old hack on aol yet a newbie to the forum... I respect them and earn their respect... all the while leaving my link with everything I type... sometimes admitting it's MINE (or a clients) and other times just acting like it was a good deal I found or a great web site....

Promoting on line is much the same as promoting in real life only with more oppurtunity to do so... be nice and talk a lot hehe w/o being annoying (ok so I can be annoying but hey we're all friends here right? hehe)

There are also a LOT of newsletters going around AOL about everything under the sun! Sign up for the ones that are targeted toward your area.. and submit an article to them..NOT AN AD (unless you want to pay) but an article that is usefull.. you can drop urls into it if they pertain to what you are talking about and at minimum they will post your URL in the 'author' area of the article...

Hope this helps

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