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Re: I 2nd this question...
From Pete on 05 October '98
adding to Top site duplication posted by Henry Yan

>Does anyone know if it's wise to try and duplicate the site with the top listing in a search engine as best as possible and change it back once it has been spidered? Will the overall result of it be that I can get a top listing (or near the top)?
I had thought the same, but after looking at some top sites I now have my doubts. To my surprise I've seen some sites listed within top 10 with horrible they made it to the top I'll never know. Some of these sites had no meta-tags, no text, or only 1 line of text, sloppy html, typos, etc. In some, the only place a keyword appeared was in the title. There was no keyword usage within the text. I'd like to know if these sites are using some other method to achieve a high listing (i.e. special software, etc.) or if one of these people know someone who works for the search engine. Well, that may be too harsh, but it does get frustrating when you use all of the logical means to get to the top (keywords in your title, description, meta-tags, content, headers, etc) and you still get beaten by ones like I mentioned. So, in answer to your question, I doubt that simply copying code will work or will give you good code....especially if they are using another means to achieve their listing. You may want to give it a try for funsies...but I'd stick to the known methods.

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