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Re: Cheating? Plagiary?
From Deb at FutureQuest on 15 October '98
adding to Re: New compnay: advertising contract anyone?? posted by Max

No, it is not cheating nor plagiary! It's called learning by example *grin*

I agree with Max, take a few hours/days and start inquiring to other companies... be interested in advertising on their sites and marketing with them... Find out what they tell you.

If you want "lawyer generated" responses inquire with the big boys, if you want plain English responses ask some of the smaller companies... if you want to be complete ask both:)

Via the information you get from them you will be able to successfully write up a great contract using the best part of each that you receive while adding your own special touches to them.

This is how I figured out my Web design contracts for my clients. I found many design companies that had the contracts posted on their Web sites. I learned a LOT about the business that way too! Rather then just seeing the "pretty side" of it my eyes were opened to all the possible bad sides of the business.


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