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Re: What?
From michael at The Body Electric Mall on 15 October '98
adding to Re: What? posted by Max


I have to say, I usually just lurk here and rip off ideas--especially yours, Max...but I'm stunned. Kind of have to make some mental adjustments (no more visualizing you as a burly guy in a t-shirt and crew-cut sipping Tang while ripping all our code to shreds :)

>>>>As far as hiring Max, I've had some experience with *his* ideas
>>>Uh Deb ... wrong gender. The nickname is perhaps misleading you?
>>>I shoulda used one of my others - "Tania" perhaps?

>>Max is a woman?!? This'll take some getting used to...

>Laurel -
> It's sort of a burden: distantly derived from a nickname (Maximaniaca)
>I acquired years ago from a Mexican friend ... meaning the maximally maniacal
>one. We were chatting about my cat named Maximilan and stuff happened and
>I got renamed south of the border.

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