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Re:Thanks:) and..
From Deb at FutureQuest on 15 October '98
adding to Congratualtions Deb! posted by Tim Stockton

>Been busy past few days,

Ditto -- I've been having to work on a LOT of extra coding to
enable a WebTV user the ability to build her web site...
I've come to the conclusion that though we will support WebTV
users to the fullest.. I do not have to like WebTV one bit!

>Wow lucky you, i am excited for you.
>that is neat you finally past the yahoooo test..

LOL I feel like I should get a diploma now... to my surprise a client's site
that I submitted only two weeks ago also got listed yesterday! To sweeten it up,
I was pretty frustrated by this point so I had kinda slacked on the
submission... The site was small, and really offers nothing 'useful' for anyone
unless you live in the area (it's a bowling alley -- the site just talks about
their leagues etc) So I submitted it to the 'big list' of bowling centers one
time.. didn't request extra categories.. and didn't submit it to a regional
category (my bad).. Yahoo put them in THREE categories, and ADDED keywords to
the description... go figure!

>Send me the link i wanna see it. I am curious how long it
>took for you to get accepted?

As far as how FutureQuest is listed in Yahoo.. I'm still waiting to find out if
they surprise me or not (praying they do) I've been trying for about four
months... A few days ago I made my fourth this time I started
with our small town in Florida and went for a local regional listing as my primary.
I then requested a new category... they do not have Florida in the US_States listing for hosting companies.

So far I only see our link under

How's that for deep inside yahoo lol.... Thing is we still do not show up if you
just do a search for "FutureQuest" nor has their database been updated yet... so
I'm hoping either tonight or tomorrow will show some different results...Like in
their main hosting category or better yet.. I'm praying they add Florida to the
us_states regional area under hosting.

Now for a trick question --- Did you see any unique 'cameras' in your logs recently? (a lil training on LWP modules)

AWESOME on Disney stock! That site should kick for you... offering much free...
and having DisneyStock support FrameAStock:)


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