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Re: Jim: (or Max) your referral service
From Darryl on 15 October '98
adding to Re: Jim: (or Max) your referral service posted by bradley

Yes, they can eventually hire someone to do it themselves, or find a referral service, but at least they would have to pay for it or it may take them a while to get the "tell a friend" program running...

I don't think most people realize how important a script like this is....I have been to many sites and thought if these guys had Jim's Referal script they would do so much better. You can tell people about it but most won't paid attention...their lost.

>I want to create a competitive advantages,
If your just kill them with content.

A note about one of my Moron friends...I put the Jim's Referal program on his site and it is doing well. He's calls me the other day and conplains about all the referal mail he is getting.(that's why I call him a Moron). He ask me if he could quit getting the emails, so I switch it to be sent to me. He is averaging 10 referals a day and only gets an average of 200 hits a day. He sales a product and does no other promos on the web. I definitely want to know where my traffic is coming from.

Jim's offers this script with no conditions. Think of it as this way, you would probably never would have found a referal script like this ...especially free so it's worth the risk of your competitor discovering it. Me personally...if a competitor e-mailed me and ask where they could get this script, I would probably tell them. I know that I can compete with any one out their on a level playing field. If their was no competition...then it would not be fun. Helping people out is fun and I believe what go around comes around.

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