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Re: Full Page Real Life Ad...
From Baz on 16 October '98
adding to Full Page Real Life Ad... posted by Deb

I would go for the article type of advertisement ,with a little section at the bottom saying something like : Author works for
For more information please visit xxx or email yyy

Note: that was VERY rough, the english would need more work.

I don't know about other people, but when I go to conferences, I usually skip the adverts in the handouts and go straight for the information. If I agree and/or respect the views in a particular article then I'll go to the relevant web site for more information.

Anyway, you'll need to find out if they want your ad/article in an electronic format, photoready proof (Paper ready for making transparencies from), or the transparencies ready made.

Reading on in your message, how about a half page article, with an small selection of ads underneath for your main site, and a selection of the others.

A company I used to work for used a combination of Fullpage ads and articles in numerous magazines for their market sector. They generally found that more leads where coming from the articles than their fullpage advertisements.

Hmmmm. Decisions descisions....

>I'm not sure if this is the appropriate place to ask about this but I'm going to go for it anyways....

>I've bartered my way into being able to publish a full page ad in a program that will be passed out to about 500 people at an annual conference dealing with mental health issues...

>The conference will have a great amount of professionals attending.. it's also not very cheap to get in there so I'm assuming it's a good deal to be able to have a full page ad in the program...any advertising helps :)


>Here's what I'd like to do somehow...

>I will obviously be promoting my mental health site...

>But want to also include my other sites..,, and maybe even

>I have never created a real life ad before...I'm not quite sure where to begin. It must be black and white this I know.. and i have the size specs etc...

>I'm considering two things... either very very little print at all using big bold black letters
>going for more of the 'article' type look and saying a lot... Of course there's also the option of splitting the page up to look like many ads on one page..

>I just haven't a clue what I am going to do with it yet.. and could use some feedback in the area of print advertising for Internet Business

>I have a few months before I have to submit my ad.. so time isn't the issue yet..thank gawd.. So I'm currently just looking for any general feedback and ideas of what works and what doesn't?

>Thanks ahead

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