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Blatant keyword stuffing technique :-)
From Max on 16 October '98
We can't all do this, but there is one way to actually get away with putting a lot of keywords into a paragrpah and not have it sound wierd.
Taking Barry's site as an example. He's trying to sell ad space to companies that sell the stuff that schools resell as fundraisers.

H1= Fundraising, Fundraising, Fundraising!
P = Fundraising! I'm sick of it! Fundraising is a necessary evil of the modern school system - every club, group and activity needs more funds, and it's up to the parents to raise funds or do without. And outside of school, if I'm not raising funds for the scout troop, I'm running a fundraiser for a local charity or the church choir.
(first paragraph, which is keyword loaded to the gills, presents the problem)
P = Second paragraph will present the solutions the site offers ... listing the services and products.

I think you get the idea: a good rant can get away with more than a straight sales pitch

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