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Re: some more input...
From Pete on 16 October '98
adding to Search Engine Penalty posted by Adrian Esguerra

>I have succeeded in getting my site to number one on several different search engines but I am concerned that my techniques could lead the site to be penalized. I have two questions:

>1. Will the search engines contact me before they penalize the site (i.e. let me know I have to change things)? Does anyone know a good place to find this info out?

>2. What merits penalties for different search engines?


What technique are you using?

When you go for #1 with questionable methods (which I have to admit I've tried before) here is what you'll have to look forward to:
1). Insomnia - "did I get caught?", "is my site still there?" "was I reported by a competitor?"...finding yourself checking the search engine daily to see if your still functional.
2). Paranoia - "are my competitr's looking at my source code?---sure they are" "did any of them report me?"
3). Despair - "if I get caught, will my whole site be deleted from the index?" "will I have to start all over, get a new domain?"

Anyhow, I have to admit I couldn't take it anymore, and went back to using the tried and true "accepted" methods. Don't think that you can't get into the top ten (and possibly #1) using acceptable methods, you can....I did....and I did it in a super competitive market (against competitors using all sorts of spam, hidden text, etc.).
Use your meta tags, experiment with different keyword combinations, and most of all put your keywords in the right places (title, text, meta's, etc.). You'll rest easier, knowing that perhaps once the SE's get their act together and get rid of the spam sites, you'll have less competitors. But in the short run, at least you'll know that a malicious competitor can't turn you in.

Over and OUt

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