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A few changes
From tony on 16 October '98
adding to Re: Javascript redirection vs. Metatags posted by Max

> They will NOT index anything inside a script, which may have the same effect as if they drop you. They are "no-frames, text-only, no-script" browsers that you have to cater to.
>Also, keep in mind that JavaScript cannot make it through some corporate firewalls, and that the publicity about JavaScript security holes has caused many persons to turn it OFF except when visiting trusted sites. They will see a blank page instead of the intended information.

O.k. I made a few changes on my site at
This is the script that I'll be using

All it does is if the address of the page is the same as the address bar it will change the address.
Both the user and the search engine will initially see the page with all the good content. If the user's script is turned off then there is a second link home(that I just added thanks to your advice).

Each page has a seperate frame address so they'll be able to book mark it.

Are there any other problems with it that I need to remedy?

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