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Re: Did I REALLY miss?
From Max on 02 October '98
adding to Did I REALLY miss? posted by Steve MacLellan

>Assuming this is a LESS competitive market, that is not to say that there isn't
>other places on the web that offer the exact same thing.
Not that I could find with AltaVista ... and that is where most of HIS target audience
would be searching.

>This site could include articles about methods of keeping weeds
>from growing between concrete slabs/sidewalks, in front of the
>building. Methods that are effective and enviromentally friendly.

FIRST you fix the problems that are keeping the site from being findable in the search
engines, or none of the value-added stuff will ever get seen.

>With a lot of FREE and useful content, than Barry could set up "strategic
>linking alliances" with other companies and businesses that offer a
>similar but non-competitive service.

Naturally, but the major renovation has to happen first ... then you spend a bit of
time finding some related places to link.

>I really don't think one could go wrong with a monthly e-zine either.

Monthly e-zines are a great idea in theory, but the reality of corporate life is they are seldom
given any priority. to do a good one will take about a full week of someone's time. There is never
that time, so the e-zine (or paper newsletter) goes from monthly to 6-weekly to quarterly until it

>I would really like to here Barry's comments on this idea.
His stated problem was the inability to be ranked well in the search engines ... that's critical, and the
rest is frosting.

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