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Re: A few changes
From Max on 16 October '98
adding to A few changes posted by tony

>This is the script that I'll be using

This message board does not show HTML or scripts ... it eats them.

>Each page has a seperate frame address so they'll be able to book mark it.

You are using the frames to have a bottom navigation bar and breaking up what could easily be separate pages into a series of frames and contents ... why use them? Any browser can go to the bottom of the page with a single keystroke, and the bottom of the page is the traditional spot for a secondary navigation bar. You are suffering from "creeping featurism" - the urge to fancy up a page whether it needs it or not. Resist the urge. I've only seen a few pages that REALLT were appropriate for frames. The rest were usually hindered or at best not helped by them.

>Are there any other problems with it that I need to remedy?

For some strange reason I am seeing a serif and a sans-serif font mixed in your paragraphs. It's wierd, because the breaks are coming at illogical places.

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