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Re: Why mature sites make more money.
From Deb at FutureQuest on 17 October '98
adding to Why mature sites make more money. posted by Nicholas

>Yet in the sites I track, many get increasing visitor count
>because they steadily rise in SE rankings. You can see it in
>the logs. Where they once got 5 hits a week from,
>and were listed #88, six months later they are now listed
>#14 and get 107 hits/week.

It could also be that, given time, the site is growing... therefore as search engines return and reindex the site there is more to index... more content to work with.. this leaves more keywords that are able to pull them up.... started a couple of years ago... it's listing in yahoo has never changed.. and a poor listing it is... it's listing in spiders on the other hand have have the hits from these spiders.

At the same time, the site has gone from less then 10 pages to over 4,000 pages at any given moment.. the addition of our forums has helped tremendously in it's growth...

Although I can kind of see what you are saying I have to lean toward the idea that sites grow in time (I would hope!) and that growth plays a role in their listings.....

Yours In Heart

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