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Re: Why mature sites make more money.
From Max on 17 October '98
adding to Why mature sites make more money. posted by Nicholas

>There is much speculation that pages become "mature" over time,
>that they get more links, that surfers bookmark them, that
>there is word-of-email, that the world clasps these pages to
>its breast -- and thus success. All this can be true.

>Yet in the sites I track, many get increasing visitor count
>because they steadily rise in SE rankings.

Search engines have started using links TO a site as part of the
relevance calculations. As people discover a site and link to it,
their relevance will increase. Their rank will rise. It's a chicken
and egg thing.
And as Deb pointed out, sites grow and have more to index, and
more things to attract visits.
I've found that is takes 4-6 months for a site to become moderately
visible. It can be shortened, but the owner of the site should plan
on spending the first few months enhancing content and cultivating
reciprocal crosslinks.

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