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From Max on 17 October '98
adding to posted by Nicholas

>If AOL caches my page, how come my trackware is picking up hits?
>(Max cannot resist this questions.)

The cache has a limited size, and the less-requested pages get bumped
out and need to be re-requested.
Caches usually have a "bubble" effect: pages float up and out. Any
request for a cached page sends them to the bottom of the tank again,
and they start all over.
AOL seems to have a cache retention of 24 hours ... they then
delete the cached page and issue a new request when the page is
requested again, no matter where it is in the stack. I've seen logs
for some VERY popular pages, and there is a request from AOL about
once a day for each of them.

They don't let users override the cache ... when a user forces a
reload, they will get what AOL has in the cache (if anything). The
only "cache" users can override is the one on their hard drive.

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