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Re: My gratitude to Max. (Please critique my first ever web site)
From Max on 06 October '98
adding to My gratitude to Max. (Please critique my first ever web site) posted by Natalja Khaustova

>Thank You very much. I have read all Your recommendations on the pages of this site. I have used them as far as I could on my site. Of course, not everything turned out as I would like I have too little experience. I shall much appreciate Your looking at my site and expressing Your opinion about it. I am eager to know about the attitude of Yahoo, Infoseek etc. to my site. My site was introduced in Alta Vista but then it disappeared, I don`t know why. May I introduce it once again? I thank you once again. Yours faithfully, Natalja.

Your keywords will be more effective if they are only in lowercase letters. You are dangerously close to the number of repetitions considered "spamming" by some search engines, and might be penalized for it. It is hard to guess the exact wording the visitor will be searching for, and I've found that a list of single words (with or without commas between) works better for most pages.
For example: party parties children kids adult birthday halloween engagement baby christmas easter wedding shower maternity
The search engine can take a request for a "christmas wedding shower" and find the phrase in the keywords.
("shower" is the commmon American term for a party given for a bride or expectant mother. It is also the word for bathing under a flow of water droplets. Don't ask why!)

I find the code strange: Why a H1, and then make it SMALL? You would be more effective if you didn't use the FONT attributes and learned style sheets.

And the text is HUGE - It's the SIZE=3 in the first HR tag that my browser is applying to the rest of the page (Netscape 3.0 something). That attribute is not reliable yet, and will mess up your page for most of your visitors.

The table at the lower half of the page is distorted on my browser/screen combination. The links in column A and those in column B are aligning wierdly, and it's hard to read. I'd shift the collections list to the left,
the other links to the middle, and move the picture out of the table (you are selling games, not your face). If the table had a border, the links would be clearly separated.

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