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Re: Are all those meta tags really necessary
From Max on 17 October '98
adding to Re: Are all those meta tags really necessary posted by mark Horne

>Are all of these tags actually essential or is INACHU just having a little too much fun with them?
>>You need minimum of 5 or 7 meta tags on your site!

No, you don't, unless you are using some sort of site management software that can act on them, or
have problems with net-nannies.

Here's the critical three, along with the TITLE of course

And if you have pages in something besides the usual character set (ISO LATIN), you use this
to tell the browser what characters to load:
META HTTP-EQUIV="Content-Type" CONTENT="text/html; charset=whatever set the page uses"

If you have scripts, some browsers can accept this to let them know what script language to use:
META HTTP-EQUIV="Content-Script-Type" CONTENT="text/javascript"

If you use cascading style sheets, you NEED this:
META HTTP-EQUIV="Content-Style-Type" CONTENT="text/css"
(along with a link to the style sheet document)

Your tags:
You are MISSING the DOCTYPE ... that's where you really should declare
your version of HTML and the DTD you follow.

meta http-equiv="PICS-Label" content='(PICS-1.1 "" l r (s 0))'
This is marginally useful. It's most often used by "adult sites"
to warn off visitors than by others. The default PICS rating, what they
bestow on a site with no labelling, is general. Most sites don't need
to do anything.

meta http-equiv="title" content="Inachu"
>>Second tag implies the TITLE of the homepage
>>See now you have in the title the name then again in the meta tag!
>>in twice so its more likely to show up more!
Not really - the http equiv tag is not used by search engines, although
it is used by the website's server at times.

meta name="resource-type" content="document"
>>third tag tells that its a document
This is/was used by something called ALIWEB ... one of those academic things.

meta name="revisit-after" content="12 days"
>>4th tells how many times to re visit your homepage
This is widely IGNORED by search robots and browsers alike, except
on an intranet. Nearly every page put a really short revisit time,
so the search sites decided to heck with it and stuck to their own
schedules. It's useful if you have management software that can
do something with it.

meta name="classification" content="personal Homepage"
>>5th tells that its a personal homepage....
This is a Netscape-ism that didn't catch on.

meta name="description" content="Let Inachu help you with you computer problems! Contact inachu"
meta name="keywords" content="Let's go Inachu!, Inachu, inachu, Ping Pong, Inachu Inc.,,,, "
>>6th and 7th are the key words and description
Why the URLs? Anyone able to remember the URL won't be searching for it!

meta name="robots" content="ALL"
>>8th tells robots to index your whole site!
This is not widely implemented yet - using ROBOTS.TXT is better.
Because the default is ALL, you only have to control where you DON'T want them
to go. Using ALL doesn't do anything for you.

meta name="distribution" content="Global"
>>9th tells that this webpage can be viewed from any part of the internet
Uh - no. NO matter what you put here, I can get to your page is I have
the URL and the server is up (and not password protected). It's an academic
and large corporate that they can use to control their internal indexing and
searching programs.
Search engines don't look at this.

meta name="rating" content="General"
>>10th is the will have to look for what rating yours is
This is widely IGNORED by search robots and browsers alike, although if the user is
running a net-nanny program you might need it.
The default rating is "general" (except for those net-nannies that have
a built-in list of places to avoid and words to censor).

>>the rest is just copyright and who to contact stuff

meta http-equiv="reply-to" content=""
This is actually a VERY USEFUL tag, more useful than most of your meta tags.
With most browsers, they can grab the address and send email automatically.

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