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Re: Search Engine Penalty
From Max on 18 October '98
adding to Search Engine Penalty posted by Adrian Esguerra

>I have succeeded in getting my site to number one on several different search engines but I am concerned that my techniques could lead the site to be penalized. I have two questions:

>1. Will the search engines contact me before they penalize the site (i.e. let me know I have to change things)? Does anyone know a good place to find this info out?

>2. What merits penalties for different search engines?

Adrian -
Your noframes HTML construction will probably get you whacked for
spamming, makes no sense to any visitor who has frames turned off, and
has no links to the rest of your site ... essentially stranding any noframes robot on that page.
BUT, I'd be far more worried about the blank white page that greets your
visitors who have a frames-capable browser. No matter how high you might
rank in the search engines, blank pages don't sell much of anything.

I suggest you dump the frames and construct something simple in plain HTML3.2
with no fancy effects. That way everyone can read it.

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