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Re: Monitoring the position of our URL's
From Deb at on 18 October '98
adding to Monitoring the position of our URL's posted by William

>Does anyone who is reading this message monitor the position of their URL's on the search engines? and how do you do it?

As Darryl said there are programs for monitoring your position in search engines and I've no doubt in my mind the one on this site will do a fantastic job in that area.

What I do is, visit the search engines that are important to me and do what I can to keep an eye on my positions by just searching for my own site with keywords I think other ppl would be using.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When I'm visiting engines like altavista..... I check up on the other sites that are around me in the list... if they are NOT FOUND I re-submit the not found URL to altavista (as a favor to the site and altavista of course) this causes altavista to see it's not a valid url and they remove it from the list:) Which obviously helps my listing... I do this ANY TIME I'm in an engine that it may work with... with ANY url I can't find... simply because it helps everyone with thier searches and more then I hate being low on a list I hate being low because of a site that is non-existent! (I'll also resubmit sites where their title had keywords like mine but have since changed their site/keywords in such a way that they wouldn't show up by me ... ) This has helped me many times with quite a few sites in different areas....

Another KEY thing I do is watch my site's statistic logs.... To my pleasent surprise I've noticed people finding my sites using keywords I never even thought of! This does two things for me:

1. I may be showing low in a list and bummed about it.. but am cheered up when I realize via a different type of search I'm right on top...

2. It gives me ideas for how I need to change my keywords in the future....

Something else I've noticed I've done is pushed an important site of mine down with another of my own sites! hrrrmmm As an example... in altavista if you search keywords "Virtual Hosting" (case sensitive) a childs hosting site titled "Lil'Land, that I run shows up number 3 but my Full Virtual Hosting Server, FutureQuest isn't on page one, or page two, or page three... sooooo... what this tells me is I need to be adding more info about FutureQuest on Lil'Land to try and take advantage of the kid's site listings....

Hope this helps,

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