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Re: Full Page Real Life Ad...
From Brainwipe on 19 October '98
adding to Full Page Real Life Ad... posted by Deb

  Well I would also recommend a half page article followed by a half
page advert. It seems an acceptable solution, out boss had a
pr/marketing company (Midnight Communications) produce such a page for
us and it produced good results. You may well be able to achieve the
aditional results you are looking for by splitting the page as

  Top half of page for an article. bottom half of page split into 2
strips, going across the full width of the page. With the upper if
these 2 strips put 3 adds for and
and in the bottom strip do an add for dharts using the whole strip.

  This would draw more attention to the 3 other adds you wanted to
include, especally where people find the article of interest, they
will make the connection with the advert at the bottom, but placing
the others between these to will make people pay them some attention.

  Hope this helps

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