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Re: e-mail tracking
From Deb at FutureQuest on 19 October '98
adding to e-mail tracking posted by Stephan Snoek

>I would like to know if it is possible to get information about the e-mail adresses from people who visit my site without them having to react via Ęsend mailĘ? For instance through extreme tracker?

>Thank you.

The best way to get the EMail address from your visitors is to ask for it... there are many ways to get that done whether it be by offering a newsletter or mailinglists or info via autoresponders etc...

To try and 'grab' an EMail address without the visitors input is not only showing poor netiquette but could also give you errors in who you are EMailing.

For example -- someone visits my site and I essentially steal the EMail address.... Later I send this address an EMail thanking them for visiting my site and trying to sell them something.... only to receive a reply like "This is the Maryland Public Library! We do not accept spam here! etc etc etc"....

Not every computer is being used by that computer's owner... so snatching EMail addresses isn't really wise...of course this is only my opinion and many spammers and EMail marketers may disagree with me.

Just my fifty cents

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