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Yahoo Listings 4 Sale ?
From CyberEye (R) on 20 October '98
Ahem. Several months ago, here, I predicted this little tid bit:

"Yahoo Considers Express Submission Service

...many webmasters feel their submissions are in vain. 'Black
hole, was a term used by some to describe the submission process, when I
did a special Yahoo survey last year.

One solution to the problem is to charge for consideration, something that
Yahoo has long thought about. Now it has taken an important step forward
with a survey on the idea.

"This has been something that's always been on the table," said Yahoo's
Srinija Srinivasan, who oversees the listings process. "People have often
told us that I'd love to pay for this service, if I only got a guarantee
that you would look at me."

Of course, the more common reason that a site is not listed is simply
because it is never reviewed. With a dedicated staff funded by submission
fees, these sites will be guaranteed a look, and it is likely more of them
may actually get in.

However, Yahoo is very clear that guaranteed review will not mean
guaranteed listing. A site will have to meet Yahoo's existing standards if
it is to be listed, regardless of any fee paid.

Yahoo Special Report "

As I said here previously, 'before raising rates, starve the Market.' This smells of classic disinformation, manipulation, and gouging.

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