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Re: Whats considered too slow ?
From Deb at FutureQuest on 20 October '98
adding to Whats considered too slow ? posted by Tim

>I am very curious as to what alot of you consider too slow?.

I put it to the stop watch....
Started at 11:14:00, made the connection at 11:14:08
I had a cute lil error telling me that a connection with link exchange couldn't be made (slowed me down a bit) then had enough to start reading at 11:14:20. The page had finished completly loading at 11:14:40. This was coming from a 56k modem starting in Florida.

All in all there was enough to keep me from getting bored from start to finish.... I didn't find the page too slow, though I would recommend removing the link exchange banner (note:

For a slower modem I would imagine that large image at the top may be rough on them. Possibly cutting up the image into smaller pieces may help.... and yes there is a neat lil freeware program that will do this:) You can grab it at

You are also calling an image from another domain ... This image showed up missing... I checked it, you had it correct... after a min or two and a reload it showed up.

Another thing I noticed, that is a HUGE gripe of mine, is you are not allowed to view your domain unless you type in the www. e.g. the server COULD make it so your domain shows up if I type in only '' and not ''. Yet, when I get lazy and just type I get an error page telling me that my browser is too old and I need to upgrade it (not happy to see that when I was using IE 4.x).

I'm all too familar with this error as it is part of the http1.1 protocol (same protocol we run on our server) but what bugs me is that the servers CAN make some adjustments so this doesn't happen unless the browser really is too old! You may want to contact your host and ask them to fix this problem. It's not uncommon to say "visit" yet if someone does they will be told either 'they arn't good enough to view' or 'not found' .. someone who doesn't understand the protocol may not try to add the 'www' to your url to correct it and end up lost in space. A simple hack by the sysop of your host could correct this problem for all the domains they host.

Hope this helps

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