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Re: Monitoring the position of our URL's
From Carl Ballew on 20 October '98
adding to Re: Monitoring the position of our URL's posted by Brainwipe

>>>>Please, can anyone tell me the best way to monitor the position of our URL's on the 7 major search engines once they have been submitted? Does anyone who is reading this message monitor the position of their URL's on the search engines? and how do you do it?

>>>Web position is how you do it. It will search the top 10 SE for keywords you select and will search as deep as you want to go...
>>>They sell it here. Check out software section and download a 30 trial.

>> - the best I've found!

>Carl - the Web Position Analiser sold here is the same as the one you
>will find at - but for gods sake buy it from Jim here
>he provides us all an excellant service and it won't cost you anymore
>to buy it from him!


OOPS! Sorry, Jim! Wasn't aware you were selling Webposition. I fully agree with Brainwipe. We need to support your service. I'll do better next time!

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