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Re: Whats considered too slow ?
From Tim at on 20 October '98
adding to Re: Whats considered too slow ? posted by Deb


This is great, you brought up some things I have not considered. I know that damnn link exchange isn't worth the small amount of traffic I receive from it, but what I like is its so handy to check my daily traffic. I guess I should really look into other means of doing this and get rid of the darn things. As for the extreme link, thats another tracker program that I use, I have only noticed it being slow once or twice. It's usually quite dependable. Something I haven't considered is cutting up that image map. The reason I have it this way is I figured one jpg would be faster then having a couple different images, but I think I know what you are reffering to and I am downloading it as I type. As for the url, I had never even thought of that, and I will look into it. I had it do this to me on one of my customers sites once, and I didn't know what the heck it was. This is my first internet business and website so I am still learning every day. I really appreciate your time and comments.


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