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Re: Whats considered too slow ?
From Deb at FutureQuest on 20 October '98
adding to Re: Whats considered too slow ? posted by Tim

>I have a question for you, I've been playing with that program. Its really neat, but I can't see where there is going to be a difference in file size. Do you have any input on this?

It's a 'concept' thing really.. It's not going to reduce the file size... and in all technacalities it may increase the total download time by a second... the reason people 'cut up' images with programs like the one you are using is to help the visitor FEEL like things are happening faster then they are...

Example -- Unless it's created a certain way a large image may not show up on a page at all until it is completly loaded.... this makes the visitor feel a bit antsy and unwilling to wait....

Or even if the image is loading it can get messed up due to the size (IE is classic for this)

Yet, if you cut the image up into many smaller images then they are each loading quickly... this allows the visitor to see things happening and start seeing the eye candy quicker (so they think)

Additionally this will give you more things to work with in the ALT tag area.... with IE and image maps individual alt tags do not always work... but when using seperate images each alt tag will work just fine...

Kinda make sense? It's easy to understand..kinda difficult for me to explain hehe


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