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Re: My gratitude to Max.
From Deb at on 06 October '98
adding to Re: My gratitude to Max. (Please critique my first ever web site) posted by Max

>I find the code strange: Why a H1, and then make it SMALL? You would be more effective if you didn't use the FONT attributes and learned style sheets.

Via my crystal ball I see the program Front Page 97 floating around the design of that page... which would explain the H1 joining up with the Font Tag.... (hate to admit how many times I allowed front page to waste virtual paper coding my pages when i was first learning:(

As far as style sheets... being they are not readable by any older browsers wouldn't that be a tad risky before coding 'the g'ol fashion' way? I use style sheets on (poorly I admit) but just the difference between IE4.x and NS4.x is ick:/

>And the text is HUGE - It's the SIZE=3 in the first HR tag that my browser is applying to the rest of the page (Netscape 3.0 something). That attribute is not reliable yet, and will mess up your page for most of your visitors.

I removed the HR tag and that didn't help the font size at all... sigh I began removing everything and the text was still huge!... there was something in there causing it but I havn't a clue what really. Until I grabbed a fresh sheet of notepad I couldn't get the text to maintain.. as if there was some hidden something going on...cuz I stripped her page all the way down to JUST the HTML, BODY and paragraph tag... and it was STILL showing huge:/

Here's an example of her layout with the hr tag.. and the text still being able to be resized... wouldn't say the design is any better..but does show that the HR attributes can be used without messing up the text...

Just another 50 cents from me:)

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