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Re: How NOT To Sell! (humor & reality found here)
From Darryl at Anti-Telemarketer on 20 October '98
adding to How NOT To Sell! (humor & reality found here) posted by Deb

Interesting.... You know there are a lot of business not on the web. Unfortunately many of these business will be not to educated about the internet. So you can basicly tell them what ever you want and they have no choice but to believe you.

I remember when I first started dropping in here ...I saw a message posted on this site ...the person was begging for help to get listed on the SE. I went to their site and i was about to throw up! It was a web design site. And boy did what they had to say to their potential clients was good, but what made sick is they can not back up their talk. If you design a web page, it should include getting your customers the best listings possible on all SE.

If you want to look at the positive side, then these guys are good for business. Why? The customer is better educated. Showing your work and references will get you the work, if you are good.

I wish they would call me ...I want to have fun.

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