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Re: I need help with forms!
From Deb at FutureQuest on 20 October '98
adding to Re: I need help with forms! posted by Rob Hammel

>here is the page i need help on, i got the form made, i just need to know how to make it send me email.
>Rob Hammel

hmmmm being the site is on Geocities now I know I can not really offer much help... To operate a form you would need to use a CGI script... unless you are paying Geocities I do not THINK they allow CGI scripts on their free sites....

I could be wrong...but to the best of my knowledge you wouldn't be able to set up your own form script to make this work on that site...
I have a personal problem with I'm not usually much help when it comes to their resources, I admit and apologize for that ahead of time.... as much as I would like to say "you can't" and leave it at that... I just don't have the heart *smile*

Here's a URL that will solve all of your problems and give you a worry free evening.....

Have Fun!!

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