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Re: While it's on my mind
From Deb at DividedHearts on 06 October '98
adding to While it's on my mine posted by Darryl

>So here's the solution, it is simple. Don't delete old pages, just delete all content and have it automatically send the viewer to entrance page or whatever page you want. It won't take up any more space and it might get more traffic that you would have otherwise threw away.

For those curious how... Place this tag in the HEAD set of your html... with the correct url to go to.....

META HTTP-EQUIV="refresh" CONTENT="1; URL=http://******/"

Or if you have the ability you can do something I often do which is change no longer used directories/files into symbolic links...
An example can be found at
the /dhnews/ dir is empty! I revamped the whole thing and it's now sitting in this is kinda nice cuz the vistors notice nodda and just gets what they came for... it has it's flaws though cuz they can also bookmark the wrong url.. it's a preference thing really.

I accomplished this by telneting in and typing -- ln -s source destination -- (not knowing what type of system you are using, you may want to telnet in and type -- man ln -- to get the full details for that particular unix system)


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