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Re: Whats considered too slow ?
From Brainwipe on 21 October '98
adding to Whats considered too slow ? posted by Tim

  I try to keep to the magic 10 second limit. I also base all my
timings on a 28.8 modem as (allegidly) most net users are connecting
through 28.8 and 33.6 Kbps modems... Admitadly any time you come up
with for how long your page takes to load will change from user to
user, it isn't just dependant on how fast their modem is but also the
quality of their connection (if their ISP is saturated they will not
be able to connect at full speed) how busy your server is, etc etc...
Here is a little maths to show you the max amount of data a page can
contain and still download in 10 seconds, but remember this will work
out as 10 seconds or more!!!

   28.8 Kbps x 10 seconds = 288 Kb
   288 Kb / 8 = 36 KB (kilobits to kilobytes)

  This is just a little food for thought,
   Hope It helps

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