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Re: I need a mass email program
From Max on 21 October '98
adding to I need a mass email program posted by bradley

!!!! MASS EMAIL !!!
(Max grabs the flame thrower.)
>Before everyone chastizes me for mass emailing people, let me explain. On my site, I have been asking people to enter in their email address if they are looking for fundraising ideas. I have been collecting email address over a few months and I have over 800 email addresses.
(Max puts flame thrower down)

Several ways to do this:
1. Pegasus is freeware (Windows, NT, maybe UNIX) that can take a list of addresses and merge them into a form letter for you, WITH customizing possible based on fields in the input. You can have it insert the text from column C at a particular spot fairly easily. I've fed it a thousand or so addresses at a time without it choking. It creates a copy of each email on your hard drive BEFORE it sends, so you need free space. It's also not terribly fast. If you plan on doing this often, consider getting something that can run on your ISP to avoid the modem bottleneck.

2. If you want to maintain a plain list easily, (?) will let you use them for a collection and sending point. They are "free" but there will be a small ad for something at the bottom of eash newsletter you send. You can't do a "merge" on them into a form letter that I am aware of.

3. The ListSV that Deb referred to is for running a discussion list - people post "to the list" and the list sends the emails out to the rest of the people.

If you pick Pegasus, WARN your ISP before you start to send. My first really big project with Pegasus was halted in mid-mail while they checked to see who it was and if I really knew what I was doing.

You are confirming that the addresses are from people who really want email before you send, I hope? It's a petty form of harassment to subscribe one's enemies to every list on the Net to get them mail-bombed by proxy.

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