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Re: How we survived yesterday's hack
From Deb at FutureQuest on 21 October '98
adding to Re: How we survived yesterday's hack posted by Max

> I'd change ISPs. They clearly are not taking security and backups seriously enough. Ideally, if a server gioes up in flames, they should be able to pull a tape out and load it onto a different machine with little downtime. You need to keep backups of your site too, but they are getting paid to dish out your data, not just collect the checks.

DITTO!!!! Any one hosting web sites had better be doing tape backups at minimum!!!! We do tape backups and across the wire backups to a location in Arkansas (we're based in Florida) and STILL are not completely satisfied! We are constantly looking for new ways to keep the backups safe and secure....

This is also why we do not offer FrontPage extensions.... (I'm not trying to sell my server here.. I promise that.. but this is an area that everyone should understand) If you are going to be on a server that offers frontpage extensions... be aware that they are EXTREMELY unsecure! FrontPage does not offer it's source code to anyone, yet expects us, the servers, to put all their 'stuff' on our servers, allowing them to control things... hrrmmmm not on my server they wont!

They also recommend you set an Apache server to root user! NOT! NEVER get on an Apache Server offering front page extensions!!!!! If you do need frontpage... at least make sure it's an NT server...and even then they can be exploited

Please understand I'm not knocking the kewlness and ease of use of FrontPage... but from the Hosting side of things the security risks and the attitude of Microsoft is a bit much for me to comprehend. I'm shocked at how many servers have buckled to the "Front Page' free offer and aloud their users to become completely dependent on FrontPage extensions.... I only wonder what they will do when Microsoft says it's not free anymore....

(you did ask for input right heehe can you tell this is a sore spot of mine?)

It's grand that you yourself kept backups of your site... more should take a lesson from you in that area...

To anyone who uses FrontPage -- Please note: My views are coming from a sysop side of life running a server.. not from my Web designer side... Many people have been able to find great enjoyment building Web pages, and front page has made that happen for them... if they only knew the other end of it:/

Ask Ask Ask... there is nothing wrong with questions when choosing a product or service... if the company doesn't know the answers they had better be able to find them and quickly... if not.. then they are probably not the company you need to be dealing with...

Ok there is my heated 50 cents for the day. I think I'm running out of change on this forum..

I'm glad you survived it Michael, hats off to ya :)

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