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Search Engine Submission
From Eric Druckenmiller on 06 October '98
Hi. Could you please help explain something for me?

I understand that with all the major search engines your web site
listing is more or less dependent on robot indexing. However, when
I look through the home pages of the search engines they seem to break
things down into catagories- almost like directories(Yahoo!, etc). For example,
Excite has an Arts and Humanity catagory that if you continue
to follow eventually lists aproximately 32 sites to visit. How did
Excite come to such a small/specific list if they weren't using some
editorial expertise besides spiders- in other words, human beings?

What I'm gettting at is- How can I get my site noticed by these
seemingly "exclusive" locations on search engines? I'm helping an
on-line bookstore launch soon and want to try to get listed in these
"sub-directory-like" locations. Can I get someone at Excite to
listen to me or an I out of luck?

Thanks for answering. Your site rocks!

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