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From Eddie on 22 October '98
A client recently got in touch with me. I had been promoting his site
some time ago he wanted a report of the current listings to see if it
would be worth hireing me to promote the site again.

Now the last time i did anything with his site was to tidy it up a
little more as at this point i had learnt that the best order was
TITLE followed by META DESCRIPTION and then META KEYWORDS - i used to
put the META KEYWORDS then the META DESCRIPTION till i learnt better!
anyway i made those changes then submitted to the SE's again, and that
was it - i never checked the changes (should have realy though)
because he was happy and stopped paying me - anyway back to the plot.

So i open up the previous (now months old) mission in WebPosition and
check out the score - now unfortunatly for me I had to admit it
would't be worth paying me anymore for the following reasons :

He was still listed #3 in Yahoo! (his primary concern) under his most
important keyword. Not only that but for the same keyword his last
position had changed from #8 in AltaVista to #3 as well! Very good!

QUESTION - Do you think this could be due to the site maturing over
the last 2 months or because of the reordering of META data?

Now the point - EXCITE

I used to dispare over excite listings till i was told that excite
could not index virtualy hosted domains like all of mine are. Now
remember the last time i did anything was about 2 months ago, and
all of a sudden the site is listed rank 6 in excite under the same
keyword. The words i was saying i cant type here but i was so
surprised i even tried the search in excite by hand and it was still

So now im confused - is excite finally accepting virtually hosted
domains - can i tell my clients that i can work on excite as well -
i had deleted it from the list of SE that i promote on.

Please help me coz im confused!
Yours Eddie

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