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Re: While it's on my mine
From Andrew at Robert's Hot Tubs on 06 October '98
adding to While it's on my mine posted by Darryl

HUH??????????? why would you want to delete a page ? Especially if it does good in the SE's ?????????????????

You can add content by adding new pages, or adding to a page. Putting a meta redirect on a page will just get the page dropped from the SE's. and too many pages dropped for redirects may (it's rumored) get you banned.

As far as drastically changing things? (just my opinion here) DONT DO IT!

People are creatures of habit, once they find something they like, and they learn how to use it. That is how they like it. if you change it they have to start all over again learning how to navigate. And hopefully they will like the "new and improved".

Changes are better made by adding to, and leaving the old there.

As an example here's the old page;

And here's the new page

Big difference, but those familiar with the old page will have no problem adjusting to new page.

(LOL* opps, just checked, the old one isn't as old as I thought. used to not have anything in the left colum, oh well, the idea is there)


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