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From michael at The Body Electric Mall on 22 October '98
adding to Re: How we survived yesterday's hack posted by Deb

Thanks for this input.

Frankly, I agree about changing ISP's. It's something I'm definitely looking into. In fact, it's my feeling that we should hire the appropriate operating specialists and host it locally. I'm tired of small-town 'bailing wire and twine' methodology, and you know the old saying about getting a job done right.

I had some misgivings about FrontPage extensions. We don't even have a need for FrontPage (I personally don't like it as an editor). As I said in my past posts, I'm not 'Mr. Code' by any stretch, but I did recall hearing something about FrontPage and ActiveX liabilities, people being able to control your machine from a remote locations, etc. I've talked to the operations manager about this, and he's leaning very much toward setting up our own secure server. It'll mean hiring more employees and getting good machines online, but it may be the way to go.

Anyway, thanks for this input Max & Deb. Any additional thoughts are very welcome.


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