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Re: If not Front Page, then what?
From Darryl on 22 October '98
adding to If not Front Page, then what? posted by Carl Ballew

I started designing web pages with Netscape composer. After a while I started checking out the other editors....from Front page to HomeSite to Hot Metal to Dream Weaver. When I first tried Dreamweaver I thought it was to hard to use. So a week ago or so I got the itch again started reading reviews of Html editors. So I liked what they siad about DreamWeaver. So I downloaded the trial again. I thought I was going to feel the same way. Guest what, I was like a kid in a candy store. I started using it with ease, I must have used it in another life. I was amazing how it made the basic things so easy. I have to say I love it. I did not like the price but I knew I could not go back to Netscape composer. So Macromedia had a special, if you by Dreamweaver, you get Fireworks for 99 bucks. I fell for it because I did like Fireworks when I tried it about a year ago.

The Lesson here is don't knock it until you have tried it twice. It was easier because I had gain a lot more experince.

I swear by it! Good Luck....If it works for you as it did for me...that means even more time with the grand kids.

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