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Re: Why mature sites make more money.
From MAx on 22 October '98
adding to Re: Why mature sites make more money. posted by Nicholas

>> The average life of a web site is less than 2 years. Maybe you
>>are seeing the removal of the dead sites that used to rank above

>My first site was in a stable industry: law.
>Sure, I've seen a few disappear, but not enough
>to account for the rise. I'm talking about pages
>that rose from not in the first 300 -- back when
>I had the patience for such things -- to ranking
>in the top 20.

Interesting: maybe the search engines have a military mentality and "time in grade" means something for rank.

The only other thing I can think might be happening is that changes to the HTML of your site (or the others) has altered the rankings.

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